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    4 months ago

    Introducing Multiple Roadmaps

    Strategically designed to help product teams implement the most impactful features by filtering down the numerous requests they receive from various sources.

    Depending on the project's nature and organizational structure, you can create roadmaps for each quarter, sprint, or team-wise! Offer a high-level overview of the goals to be achieved during the specified time frame.

    As a Product Manager, you can use Hellonext to calculate the prioritization score for your posts and choose between R.I.C.E and Value vs. Effort prioritization methods! This powerful feature is available for all paid plans as a Power-Up and comes with a 7-day trial. Learn more about how this works in our

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    4 months ago

    Discord Integration ✈️

    Introducing the Hellonext for Discord ✨. A brand new way to keep yourself and your community updated with the feedback posts and other activities on Hellonext.

    You can now connect your Hellonext workspace with your Discord server for a bi-directional feedback syncing. Your team can stay in the loop with the progress of requests and collaborate across both platforms seamlessly.

    Check out our help article for more information on how to make the most of this exciting feature.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🧡

    7 months ago

    Linear, GitHub, and ClickUp integrations now works automagically

    We’ve made some incredible updates to our Linear, GitHub and ClickUp integrations, and the changes are live right now for you in your Hellonext dashboard.

    Starting today, you can choose to automatically push new posts that are getting submitted to your Hellonext organization to the Linear or GitHub or ClickUp.

    The ability to automatically push posts from Hellonext to your workflow tools saves you a lot of time, and automate your work.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature. See what we’re working on next →

    Enjoy using Hellonext🙂

    7 months ago

    Limit the number of times guests can vote

    Starting today, you can limit the number of times a guest user can vote on a feedback post. This helps Admins like you control spam, especially when you have guest submissions and votes enabled.

    On a platform-level, Hellonext has spam and abuse protection to prevent any user from abusing your account on Hellonext with malicious votes, comments and posts. But this new option will give you granular control over such activity on your account.

    You can enable this option today by going to Boards → Settings → Additional Settings to set Guest vote limit per user.

    Of course, it is not just this update that rolled out to all our customers now. We

    7 months ago

    Setup trusted domains on Hellonext

    Sometimes, you would want to provide access to your private Hellonext organization to people with a particular domain name in their email address.

    Starting today, you can now configure trusted domains under your organization settings. This gives you the ability to automate domain access cutting down a ton of time you might spend in access controls to your customers and team members.

    You can start using trusted domains feature by following the steps in this knowledge base article here.

    We believe this will help you f

    7 months ago

    [Improvement] New full-screen forms

    Starting today, we’re rolling out a full-screen page for users who are creating new posts on Hellonext to give you feedback.

    Why will this make it even more easier to collect feedback? How will this help your users? Here’s our thought process behind this decision:

    1. Full-screen forms would help the users get less distracted.

    2. Allows users to think through clearly without the UI calling for the users’ attention.

    3. Gives us room for rapid expansion of features in the coming months.

    Here’s a quick screenshot of the new post modal with the full-screen glory:

    Read more →

    9 months ago

    Unique Letterbox email addresses for your boards!

    Here’s the holy grail feature if your team frequently receives feedback or requests via email! ✨

    Letterbox has been a great way for our customers to capture feedback and interact with them over unique email addresses. When we launched this feature back then, it was an instant hit, and we wanted to level-up this feature for you.

    Letterbox v2

    Letterbox v2 takes the email capture to a whole new level. You can now configure a letterbox address for each board and automate inbound feedback to that board, helping teams like Support, Billing and Devs keep their focus on a single board, which they handle.

    Using Letterbox v2

    Head to your Dashboard

    10 months ago

    Now, post on behalf of someone via Slack

    Slack is one of the first integrations our customers integrate and use. We’ve been working to make the Slack x Hellonext workflow better, and today, we’re thrilled to announce the ability to post on behalf of someone when creating a new post on Hellonext from Slack.

    If you have Hellonext installed on your Slack account, then you don’t have to do anything at all. This feature is already available for your integration, and you can start using it right away.

    Enjoy using Hellonext. There’s so much more we’re working on, an I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

    12 months ago

    Introducing the JS SDK ✨

    Trying to figure out ways to reduce the friction your customers face when submitting posts? Well look no further than our JS SDK!

    Simply link your Hellonext page on your product and integrate the SDK. Users on your product will now be granted authenticated access to Hellonext when they click on the link. No more having to sign in or remembering passwords!

    The SDK is easy to integrate though it requires a developer to provide us context of the currently signed in user on your product. Our docs do a deep dive and try to address any queries your developer

    12 months ago

    GitHub Integration is now live 👾

    Today, we’re incredibly thrilled to present to you, the undisputed champion of integrations, GitHub integration for Hellonext!🔥

    Just like us, GitHub is the central source of collaboration for developers across the globe, and we want to make it easy for you to sync data between Hellonext and GitHub.

    The new integration helps you keep your product and engineering teams in-sync without going through the hassle of mapping connections between Hellonext and GitHub like before.

    The best part, we have built a few automated workflows that you can take advantage of.


    12 months ago

    The revamped All Customers page! ♻️

    We’re moving one step closer to our goal of making Hellonext the most efficient tool — not just to manage your feedback but also to transform it to an in house CRM, introducing a brand new way to manage your customer metadata! 🔥

    Rush to the All Customers page on the Hellonext dashboard for a surprise! Starting now, you have a hub for tracking all the necessary and relevant customer data to help you make product decisions, in just a few clicks!

    Here’s a quick checklist!

    🏁 Check the activity traffic and standalone activities list.

    📊 View the number of posts submitted, voted on & commented on.

    🕵🏼 See the user role and categorize using l

    12 months ago

    Customize default feedback form components

    You can now customize the submission form template at a standard level that applies to all the boards! Just head to Boards → Form customization on your dashboard to set it up!

    The default form template kicks into action when the option to auto select the default board is disabled, while you still have the power to override this on a form-by-form basis, using the board specific form templates (Boards → Choose a board → Form customization)!

    Read more →
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    about 1 year ago

    Introducing Custom States

    The most desired feature request - Custom States - is now live on Hellonext! 🎉

    In addition to the ability to rename statuses, as an admin you can now add as many custom states as you want for your team to work with!

    How does custom states help you?  

    Your team gets to precisely know the “state” of a feature request via the custom state set, be it a feature, a bug or a support ticket, while still conveying the overall progress to your customer via statuses

    about 1 year ago

    Segment Integration

    Our goal is to make Hellonext your repository of truth when it comes to your customers’ information. This means, we’re going to have to help you sync data between different tools, and today’s update moves us closer to this goal.

    Starting today, you can integrate Segment analytics with your Hellonext account with just a few clicks. With Segment for Hellonext, you can pass data such as user information, the URL they have visited and much more using the simple Segment JavaScript SDK.

    We have

    about 1 year ago

    RSS feed for Changelog

    Publishing a changelog is the most exciting activity of all. You get to showcase all the hard work you had put into building a feature. Starting today, your customers can now subscribe to your changelog feed using their favorite RSS readers.

    A RSS feed like this can open up a ton of opportunity for workflows like:

    1. Sharing on social media channels

    2. Sending out emails via tools like Mailchimp or Sendgrid

    3. Help users read changelog content with their favorite RSS readers

    We hope you enjoy this update. Next up, we’re working on

    about 1 year ago

    Introducing Loom integration

    Loom has been instrumental in how we run async communication at Hellonext, and there are so many of our customers who love Loom. We are seeing increasing number of customers use Loom to request a new feature, submit a bug report, or even discuss about a product’s roadmap on Hellonext.

    We want to help those customers embed Loom into the content they share on Hellonext.

    Today, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new Loom integration across posts, comments, changelog and knowledge base. Using Loom with Hellonext is very simple — watch this Loom video below (embedded using the new integration):

    about 1 year ago

    Embed your full feedback portal

    Embeds are a great way to integrate Hellonext with your product. So far, you were able to embed Boards, Roadmap, and Changelog independently into your product.

    Starting today, you can embed the entire feedback portal within your product with an option to hide the header elements. This makes it all the more easy for you to gather feedback, and interact with your customers easily.

    You can get the embed code from Admin DashboardOrganization SettingsAdvancedOrganization Embed.

    about 1 year ago

    Reply to comments via email

    This is one of the most exciting features we’ve built to make collaborating on Hellonext even better. Starting today you can now reply to a comment via email. No more clicking a button, and using the comment box to reply.

    When someone comments on a new post that you’re subscribed to, you will receive an email notification. Now, just reply back to that email (which has a unique reply-to email address). Your email reply is now added as a new comment to that appropriate thread.

    I have been testing this internally for a few weeks now, and this feature has already helped me save a quite som

    about 1 year ago

    New instant chat widget integrations

    About a year ago, we added the ability to bring in your own instant chat widget to Hellonext. We supported some of the major live chat platforms like Intercom, Crisp, HubSpot and more.

    Today, we are expanding this integration to even more live chat platforms. You can now bring in these live chat platforms to Hellonext, which allows you to provide even better support when your users are on a Hellonext feedback platform:

    1. Freshchat

    2. Tidio

    3. Drift

    4. Belco

    5. Trengo

    6. Help Scout

    We hope this will help you provide better customer support via Hellonext. Enjoy using Hellonext 🎉

    about 1 year ago

    Analytics on your Dashboard — a big one!

    Decision making for your product just became 10x simpler! Hellonext now helps you to make data informed decisions via our newly launched Analytics module. We did the grunt work so that your feedback can tell you everything you need to know!

    Get started and,

    🔍 Predict which launches had the most impact, with the activity date mapped against and the number of posts received.

    🏃🏽‍♂️ Get an overview of the traffic your team handles (posts, comments and votes) with the activity date mapped against the activity count.

    👏🏼 Identify your loudest customers, who have given so

    about 1 year ago

    Saved filters for collaboration! 🤝🏼

    Last week we put a stepping stone in place by introducing a unique slug, for every filter item you add on the dashboard and gradually built on it!

    We are so pumped to announce that Saved filters is now live on Hellonext! 🎉 You can do this effortlessly from the convenience of your dashboard and here’s a list of tasks that you and your team could achieve.

    🗄 Avoid frequent, repetitive filtering.

    about 1 year ago

    Introducing Canned Responses 📨

    We are taking you one step closer to improving the efficiency and responsiveness of your team! Introducing Canned Responses on Hellonext! 💙

    Create concise yet meaningful responses, with a personal touch in just a few click on your dashboard. To configure,

    • Global responses — Navigate to Boards → Customizations → Canned Responses.

    • Board specific responses — Navigate to any Board → Options → Canne

    about 1 year ago

    🥁 Introducing Guest Comments

    One good idea is all you need and anyone could show up with it! ✨

    If your customers have been loving guest submissions and guest voting, they are going to be in love with this new update on Hellonext.

    Today, we’re thrilled to be rolling out the ability for guests to comment on posts. Now, you get to decide whether you want your customers to submit a comment without having to sign-in into Hellonext. Let me explain.

    You can now enable guest comments from your Boards settings. Now that you have guest comments ena

    about 1 year ago

    A brand new user role and more! ✨

    Here’s all the new things we’ve been hard at work for the past month.

    👥 CSM User Role

    • Onboard more customer facing team members to your Hellonext organization, with a restricted but essential access to your dashboard! Here’s a drill down! Sounds interesting? Head to your organization’s My Team section to try this out immediately.

    🛠 Enhancements

    We coul

    about 1 year ago

    Archive boards and way more enhancements! 🎁

    We are excited to announce another new feature and some much needed enhancements in Hellonext. Here’s everything!

    🗂 Archive Boards

    You’re sure that you’re done working on a board right now? Would you probably take a look at the posts on the board down the line? You are are at the right place then!

    • Archive a board on Hellonext and stop the board from showing up in your team and customers’ view. This will also prevent the posts in the archived board from popping up during a search!

    Get your hands on this feature right away and Read more →